The Education Centre, Diagnosis, Sports and Therapies Horippos is a Social Cooperative Enterprise Social Care offers comprehensive support and high-quality, innovative services to children, each with programs age accessible to all social groups and is particularly interested and economically vulnerable groups . Founded in October 2013 with a social aim to integrate children with disabilities into groups of typical peers and eliminate behaviors that are not socially acceptable.

Our aims:

  • psychomotor Education
  •  Pilateskids for children and adolescents
  • Adjusted exercise in water, Basketball, Running, Instrumental, Wrestling, Football
  • Custom Horse Activities
  • Daily Study for Elementary School Children & School
  • Strengthening writing
  • Diagnosis Specific Learning Disabilities
  • Corrective action reading, writing and mathematics to children with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysorthografia, dyscalculia,
  • Functional Reading – Writing – Math etc.

Website: http://www.horippos.gr
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: (+30)2410 414 599

Xenios Zeus

The Urban Non Profitabe Company “Xenios Zeus”, founded in 2001, is a certified provider of Social Care Services, a certified NPO and a member of the United Global Compact and CSR in Greece. The company operates in the fields of primary and secondary health care, support provision to vulnerable populations and the training of students, professionals and volunteers. “Xenios Zeus” provides health and social care services.

In the context of community psychiatry and community mental health, “Xenios Zeus” develops and implements actions in order to combat social exclusion and enhance vulnerable population groups; fosters collaboration with Public and Private Educational Institutions for the training of students of Humanitarian Schools; offers internship programs to professionals and volunteers.

Website: http://www.xenioszeus.org.gr
Tel.: (+30)2109 022 010


Knowl for Education and Lifelong Learning is a Collective Social Cooperative Enterprise, active as a dynamic participatory network, adhering to the principles of social economy and social entrepreneurship. It consists of a team of visionaries, a true mix of Europe’s ‘children’, who have wide experience in creating and managing knowledge and innovation, constantly pursuing development through active citizen participation as a fundamental right.

The pivotal axis of knowl’s activities consists in the radiation of knowledge as social capital through novel ways to provide social and educational services, as well as in the creation of socially sensitive communication and cooperation patterns and channels, able to generate and utilise knowledge as a valuable social asset. In order to match its objectives, knowl is setting up “clusters of knowledge and education” through the joint forces of human resources within science and society.

Website: http://knowl.gr
Email: [email protected]


The Urban Non Profitabe Company “Anodos”, founded in 2001, is a certified provider of Social Care Services, a certified NPO and a member of the United Global Compact and CSR in Greece. The company operates in the fields of primary and secondary health care, support provision to vulnerable populations and the training of students, professionals and volunteers. “Anodos” provides health and social care services.

In the context of community work, “Anodos” designs and implements interventions that reinforce and embellish the services of citizen – focused institutions. In the context of community psychiatry and community mental health, “Anodos” develops and implements actions in order to combat social exclusion and enhance vulnerable population groups; fosters collaboration with Public and Private Educational Institutions for the training of students of Humanitarian Schools; offers internship programs to professionals and volunteers.

Website: http://www.anodos.org.gr
Tel.: (+30) 210 9737021

Apo Koinou


WebThe self-sufficient cooperative community “Apo Koinou”, meaning “Together” and “from common people”, was born in Heraklion, Crete, in the spring of 2013. A variety of people from all walks of life with diverse interests and experiences came together to share a common goal: To live in a way that is more just and ethical, that is based on sustainability, interaction with the environment and with natural arts and crafts, while at the same time developing trust in human relationships.

The development of an independent community with the creative productive activity mainly by small producers, for a life that is more just and ethical, that is based on sustainability and close harmonious interactions with the environment, while at the same time is developing trust in human relations. Our creative activity is based on three main pillars: The production of a wide variety of products and services- small scale with natural methods. Schooling that implements alternative teaching techniques that above all are just and based on love. The spread of traditional arts, crafts and cultural progress. Naturally, food production is top priority for us because on to this we build the rest of the cultural edifice of our community.site: http://www.apokinou.gr

Email: [email protected]
Tel.: (+30)2810 823 511

CommonsLab Makerspace

The CommonsLab Makerspace is an open collaborative space for the exchange of knowledge and creativity. With the use of open technologies, we organize seminars and provide know-how and equipment in order to make technology more accessible to everyone.
The CommonsLab Makerspace provides equipment and tools for people who want to repair, experiment or create. In the shop you can find 3D printers, a CNC router, various Raspberry Pi and Arduino micro-controllers as well as electronic equipment and many other things, which you can use to learn or construct your own projects.

Website: http://www.commonslab.gr
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: (+30)2811 117 695

Zero Waste

The project “Low Cost – Zero Waste Municipality” bearing the acronym “ZERO WASTE” started officially in May 2009. For 36 months the partnership in which participate 7 partners – Efxini Poli, Local Authorities’ Network for Social, Cultural, Tourist, Environmental and Agricultural Development (Lead partner) GREECE, Ecological Recycling Society GREECE, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Laboratory for Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering GREECE, BRGM – Regional Geological Survey of Provence Alpes Cote-d’Azur FRANCE, Research Centre Bistra Ptuj SLOVENIA, Municipality of Ragusa ITALY, UAB Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Chemical Engineering Department SPAIN, will be working on dissemination of know how and data collection so as to facilitate Municipalities in the application of methods of waste decrease.

The project aims at developing an integrated Zero-waste management system for Municipalities that is based on the principles of re-use, recycling and reduce of waste that ends up in landfills and dumps. To tackle this challenge, the project will concentrate on targeted sensitization actions.

Website: http://www.med-zerowaste.eu
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: (+30)2102 486 041


DeepGreece was created in 2010 in the city of Andritsaina, Greece. Three years later, on 6th of November 2013, DeepGreece officially became a Social Enterprise by law. They undertake tasks as the promotion of local products and landscapes in order to reinforce the touristic resonance through cinematic movies. They also promote archeological sites just as well as they are trying to support the protection of the biodiversity and the endangered species.

Website: http://www.deepgreece.com
Tel.: (+30)2626 023 055


Epiviono is Social Enterprise which took it’ s name from the Greek word ‘επιβιώνω’ which means ‘I survive’. This Social Enterprise was established in November 2013 in the city of Pyrgos, Greece and consists of seventeen members. They are mostly occupied with the production of many agricultural products as well as with the processing of those products. They also organize exhibitions for the product promotion and they’ve also created their own traditional grocery store.

Website: https://epiviono.wordpress.com
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: (+30)6932452111

Livadi social women cooperative “O SOFRAS”

Livadi Social Women Cooperative, bearing the name “O Sofras”, was founded in 2002 in order to highlight and build on the excellent quality of local products. The location of the Association is in the village Livadi of Olympus mountain, one of the most beautiful and crowded mountain villages of the region of Thessaly.

In the admittedly difficult task of founding the cooperative, the women-members were subsidized by OAED and the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. Precious advisers and assistants for their efforts stood the members of local government and all bodies of the mountainous municipality. The Livadi Social Women Cooperative from the beginning of its operation until today develops activities that cover the entire spectrum of production, processing and marketing of agricultural products. The Association maintains a restaurant named “The Sofras” in the village center, opposite of the Town Hall. The same area also houses the laboratory where all local dishes and other products are being prepared, such as pasta and pastries. The cooperative counts several participations in regional and nationwide competitions. The aim of the members by participating in these events is their continuous training and the promotion of the cooperative. The already successful course of the cooperative was advanced by the repeated promotion through the media. Moreover, many women’s associations from across the country have visited the cooperative as best female entrepreneurship practice.

Website: http://o-sofras.gr

Drymos social women cooperative

Economic crisis that Greece is facing, apart from all the negative conditions that creates, may also result to innovative and productive entrepreneurial ideas that have their base in local cooperation.

One such idea was realized when the social women cooperative “Drymos” was founded. The main objectives of the Social cooperative are:

  • To revive and maintain old traditional recipes, arts and production methodologies
  • To enhance the income of the women – members of the cooperative
  •  To maintain historical buildings and sites of Drymos area

Arts and recipes from the past for traditional food, confectionery and traditional clothes were revived from the women of Drymos area. The result was the production and commercialization of high quality traditional products with a big success in the local market as well as in the market of the biggest city of the prefecture (Larissa). For the production of all products, local raw materials are used which come together to a final product using the “unique” technics of the women – members of the social cooperative. The main products that the cooperative is selling are: traditional confectionary, traditional pies, traditional drinks, handmade clothes, dairy products, local herbs.

Website: http://equalwomen.gr/drymos
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: (+30)6982799061

Muses Pierion

The procedure for the establishment of the social cooperative enterprises “Muses Pierion” began in May of 2011. 20 unemployed women and 10 women volunteers decided to take action against the economic crisis using the “weapons” of cooperation, innovation and solidarity.

The main objectives of the social cooperative “Muses Pierion” are:

  • Job creation for unemployed women in the production of home-made and traditional products
  • The promotion and commercialization of local agricultural crops (kiwi, strawberry, cherry, etc.)
  • The support of the local tourism
  • The support of the local economy

The main products of the social cooperative “Muses Pierion” are traditional pasta, traditional jams and pastry.

Website: http://musespierion.gr
Tel.: (+30)2351 020 039


The women social cooperative enterprise “Portaria” is based in the homonymous municipality of Magnesia and operates in the entire prefecture of Magnesia. Founded in March 1997 by women of the local community that they wanted to revive old recipes lying for years in the drawers of their homes, saving the culinary tradition of the place. At the same time, these women found a productive and innovative way to use their leisure time while contributing to the family income. Today, the enterprise has 35 members. On a daily basis women work in two laboratories of the enterprise.

The women – members of the cooperative enterprise are currently preparing a large number of traditional sweets, drinks, pasta and other products from natural ingredients of the region, without the use of preservatives. Moreover, the cooperative can undertake the catering of social and professional events in the area of Volos.

Website: http://portaria-pelion.gr
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: (+30)2428 099 952


In 1999, 24 women from the village Glossa of Skopelos island decided to establish a women social cooperative in order to produce and promote the local traditional dishes of Skopelos. Being committed to a high quality and authenticity of the products, the women – members of the cooperation still continue to offer to the local community as well as to the tourists that visit the island of Skopelos unique flavors, using exclusively local ingredients for their products.

Today, the cooperative is engaged, among other things, in the revival of local traditional customs through the organization and implementation of local events. Also, the cooperative is able to undertake the organization and the catering of social and professional events (conferences, weddings, baptisms, gatherings, folk festivals, etc.).The main products of the cooperative are traditional sweets of Skopelos: hamalia and rozedes (sweets that are based on almonds), jar sweets and jams.

Website: http://glossiotissa.gr
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: (+30)2424 033 224

Women social cooperative of traditional art of Aperathos

The women social cooperation of traditional art of Aperathos was founded in 1987 with the purpose to maintain and promote the local traditional art of weaving. During the summer time, the cooperative’s products are available for the customers / tourists to choose and buy them, while winter is the productive period when all traditional clothes are designed and developed. Despite the economic crisis, the cooperative continues until today to offer products of high quality mainly because of the strong will of the women – member of the cooperative. Among other activities, the cooperative organizes many promotional events as well as training seminars on the unique weaving technic

The cooperation produces and sells traditional handmade textile products committed to high quality and authentication standards. Also, they can provide various handmade artifacts, also for special occasions and events (weddings, baptisms, etc.).

Website: http://paradosiakaifanta.gr
Tel.: (+30)2285 061 436

Archanon Flavors

“Archanon Flavors” consists a women social enterprise offering traditional local products, exploiting the exquisite quality of the local raw materials as well as the efficient number of clients / tourists to the area. Local women founded the cooperative in order to promote their area and local habits and traditions, as well as enhance their income doing something they are really good at.

The products of the cooperative include: – SWEETS grape, orange, wild orange, fig, lemon, etc. – JAMS grape, orange, bitter orange, quince, apricot, etc. – BAKERY rusks with herbs, cookies, etc. – PIES cheese pies, – Kolyvata – TRADITIONAL RECIPES kouvaroli, buns, xerotigana, kalitsounia, petimezopita, grape jelly. – Trahanas (boiled wheat) dry and fresh. The women’s cooperation “Archanes Flavors” other than the production of these products is also active in sale and distribution of products of other cooperatives, like Arhanes wine, raki, barley risks. For all products of the cooperation, are used purely raw materials and extra virgin olive oil. The women’s social “Archanon Flavors” can organize any kind of social events (weddings, baptisms, memorial, name day and any other celebrations). Specifically, for the memorial, the cooperative takes full organization and service. The women’s cooperative can offer products, biscuits and cakes, at conferences, exhibitions and other events. The women’s cooperative offers as well, lessons in traditional cooking and baking.

Website: http://www.arhanongeuseis.gr
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: (+30)2810751968


The cooperation was founded in 2007 by a small group of women who decided to join their experience and commercialize the local traditional products. The name of the cooperation, “FILOMILA” is borrowed by Pandiona’s daughter, who is the main character of a local ancient myth.

The cooperation also runs a local coffee store, where all its products are available. The main products of the cooperative are traditional sweets, traditional local pies and traditional pastry and bakery products. Also, the cooperative can undertake the catering of social and professional events.

Website: http://filomila-davleia.blogspot.gr
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: (+30)2261 052 109


Yiam is a social enterprise located in a rural city near Larissa selling handmade in-house food products like jams, sauces, preserves and pickles through the e-shop that the owner manages. The enterprise exploits unique and high quality local fruits in order to create and sell exquisite products, having so far its own “loyal” clientele.

The owner of Yiam declares that she is a “graduate mom and housewife”, “there is no better school for business management than the one when bringing up children. This helps you develop very useful communication skills, develop and grow your emotional intelligence. From the household, also one can learn a great deal. Home economics are essential not only at home but also in an enterprise. A good housewife is a perfect entrepreneur! ” I started 13 years ago, by cooking what we already did at home for the family and building upon our agricultural products. “I would never sell something that I would not eat. “The procedure is as follows: first is to select the best raw material in cooperation with local producers, after a series of tests, and when found the desired flavor followed by costing, production and promotion at appropriate points.

Website: http://yiam.gr
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: (+30)2494 022 225

CooCoo Creations

CooCoo Creations is a social enterprise promoting art, artistic creations and the productive occupation of people interested in art. The main fields that the enterprise is engaged in, are pottery and jewelry.

The main moto of the enterprise is: “Art for All!” The owner’s wish and aim is to provide access to art for all people interested regardless of age and talent, either as observers and admirers, either as creators. And this because:

  • creation and beauty are human needs
  • creation and beauty offer satisfaction, relaxation, peace, healing, joy.

The main two principles of the social enterprise are:

  • Encourage the creation using clay, offering personalized training according to the needs of each person, individually of within a group.
  • Create and sell elegant objects, ceramics and handmade jewelry at reasonable cost.

Website: http://www.coocoocreations.gr
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: (+30)2107 66 5589

Ladies Union of Drama

This union was created unofficially back in 1904 in the city of Drama with the help of the church in order to protect orphan children and widows. Through all these years, the ladies’ union of Drama continued their actions, and finally in 2010, this Union was officially recognized as a non-governmental organization. This organization aims to offer social services to the communities, especially in social vulnerable groups.

Website: http://www.dlu.gr
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: (+30)2521 046 062

Fair Trade Hellas

The Fair Trade Hellas is a greek NGO, founded in 2004 as a non-profit organization. He is the first institution in Greece that operated for the promotion of Fair Trade (Fair Trade), a movement that fighting against combat poverty, globally and locally, through a sustainable, fair, ethical and responsible approach to production, market and product consumption.

All of us at Fair Trade Hellas, employees and volunteers support these daily values through our actions:

  • We promote Fair Trade products and support small producers in developing countries.
  • We design training programs and organizing seminars and briefings for fair trade, responsible consumption, sustainable development, volunteerism and human rights.
  • We Participate in international and national level campaigns in cooperation with movements like GCAP (Global Call to Action Against Poverty), the Clean Clothes Campaign, the TTIP campaign etc.
  • We promote volunteering and active participation of citizens in creating a more just and sustainable world.

Website: http://www.fairtrade.net
Tel.: (+30)2103 314 370


ILIAKTIDA is a social entreprise, non-profit organization, created by the same needs of the local community of Mytilene, in order to lift the embargo by working time, and individualized counseling of people with disabilities and vulnerable groups.

  • Promotion of people with disabilities in the market place
  • Promotion and application of the principles of Social Psychiatry
  • The awareness of society
  • Cooperation with the state
  • Cooperation and partnership with institutions within development of research and educational programs
  • Providing training to people who are disadvantaged physically or mentally disorder
  • The training of mental disorder health professionals
  • Counselling and support themselves and their families
  • Accompanying services with continuous therapeutic and educational intervention

Website: http://www.iliaktida-amea.gr
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: (+30)2251 045 577


Kyklos is a non-Profit Association recognized by the Athens Court in Decision 557/2007, is a Practical Philosophy School that expresses the attempt to implement the major Principles of Tradition ( Wisdom, Fortitude, Justice) in everyday life. With a team system design and implementation of our history great philosophical traditions, trying to put into practice in our daily life eternal dictates of Truth.

The activities started on spring of 2006, when in Nea Ionia a small group of people that love researching with leader Mr. Vassos Vogiatzoglou seeking Truth, attempted to find answers to big – physical and metaphysical – questions raised in the mind each human that love researching. Questions about the origin and the root causes of Being, for the tracking of Being and the last, the beginning and the causes of creation, for the secret of life and the importance of individual entity or “person”, as stated in Christian Tradition.

Website: http://www.kyklos-society.gr
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: (+30)2102 772 268

Now we play

A group of young social scientists and artists who insist to believe that creation, cooperation and the game are resonant response, not only in isolation, depression and many other psychosomatic diseases-functional feature of our culture in recent years-but also towards violence, unemployment, poor education and other phenomena of social pathology.

We created a program that aims, through group dynamics, in co-motion of a body, spirit and soul, recognizing their indivisible. Experiential, this world approaches themselves and each other, on the one hand is a powerful learning tool, on the other constitutes a sufficient prevention and treatment method psychosomatic disease and learning difficulties, and contributes to healthy, whole personalities development.

Website: http://www.torapaizoume.gr
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: (+30)6932 846 642


The philosophy of KINISIS has in the center, the society. Through social business support associations, agencies, vulnerable social groups with products and services meet current needs and requirements, in an environment that is constantly changing. For KINISIS “The enemy of good is better”. This value gives a real movement to products and services offered by the good to come across the best.

Our primary goal is to satisfy our customers’ needs through the creation of different, and at the same time user-friendly web products. Our services are intended more to improve the image and position of the business we undertake. “A step below” for your business is our goal. Your successful online presence makes proud the collaboration and the result with us, while giving us the motivation to “A step below” to become “A jump above”!

Website: http://www.kinisis.eu
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: (+30)2752 099 499

UnivSSE /People's University of Social Solidarity Economy

The People’s University of Social Solidarity Economy was established in Thessaloniki in February 2013 by PROSKALO (Cooperation Initiative for the Social and Solidarity Economy) and until 2017 it operated as an informal collaborative collectivity, relatively autonomous from PROSKALO.

On April 25, 2017, the founding assembly was established, which created the social non-profit cooperative “People’s University of Social Solidarity Economy” with the distinctive title “UnivSSE Coop”.

The aim of the Cooperative is to provide education, training, information, popularization, research, studies, programs, publications, the creation, operation and development of educational and social networks, the activation of citizens, the development of cooperative and solidarity spirit, the promotion of collective voluntary action and offer and international cooperation in the fields of social and solidarity economy, self-governance, direct democracy, commons, aiming at collective and social benefits and social innovation.

The Cooperative operates on the basis of the ideas of the Social and Solidarity Economy and Direct Democracy, as these are highlighted by the relevant global movements, as well as the International Cooperative Values and Principles as they were adopted internationally.

  • It is addressed to the people involved in all kinds of social solidarity economy collectives, but also to any interested citizen.
  • It is based on the dual nature of cooperatives: Social – Economic and consequently the dual nature of cooperative education: Ideological – Financial/Technical.

The UnivSSE educational methodology is based on the principles of adult learning:

  • Ideas are linked to action
  • The focus of the educational process is the student
  • Learning by discovery
  • Critical thinking
  • Two-way interaction between teacher – student.

Cornerstone is the constant interaction between theory and practice because “it is not enough for thought to strive for realization, reality must itself strive towards thought.”

UnivSSE /People's University of Social Solidarity Economy

Website: http://www.proskalo.net/2011/05/blog-post_25.html

PROSKALO is a non-profit civil society founded on 2011 in the city of Thessaloniki, in Greece.

PROSKALO works to promote social solidarity economy and direct democracy in various sectors and especially in fields like water, food, energy, waste management, education etc.

The Cooperation Initiative for the Social and Solidarity Economy aims to contribute to formulating a public discourse, and to activate a social act in the form of a social, environmental, political and ideological Action Plan that gives perspective and hope. This will lead us out of the crisis in a social and just way, because:

  1. On an economic level, it organizes the production and economy in a way that rejects the failed models of capitalism, and “non-existed socialism”, in combining collective ownership with incentives to individuals.
  2. On a social level, it advocates equality, social justice and solidarity, individual and collective freedoms.
  3. On an environmental level, it promotes environmentally friendly practices, and values for the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.
  4. On a political level, it combines representative with direct democracy and ensures the popular control in collective decision making.
  5. On a cultural level, it creates conditions for the personality to flourish in a way that allows change to the benefit of everyone.

In short, an Action Plan which aims to establish a comprehensive system of work, consumption and life that will lead to the social liberation of man on a sustainable planet.

  • On 2012, PROSKALO created the Consumer social Cooperative of Thessaloniki ‘Bioς Coop’
  • On 2013, PROSKALO created the People’s University of Social Solidarity Economy
  • Since 2011, PROSKALO participates to “Initiative 136”, which works against water privatisation and for the cooperative management of the Thessaloniki water and sanitation
  • Since 2011, PROSKALO participates to “Initiative for the social management of waste”, which works against waste management privatization and for the social management of municipal waste (through cooperatives etc.)
  • Since 2013, PROSKALO participates to “Open network for the direct distribution of products in Thessaloniki” (a network of 16 organizations)

PROSKALO also supports actively the following:

o    “Solidarity initiative for the VIOME self-management by the workers”

o    “KOINO” – A network of services and products exchange (without euro) based on the city of Thessaloniki

o    “Alternative Festival of Social and Solidarity Economy”