The support to local entrepreneurial talent can be achieved through the engagement of concerned individuals within advanced training and local and/or international events addressing relevant topics related to social entrepreneurship.

International events

There is a multitude of initiatives in this sense at the multinational level. An obvious suggestion is the attendance of Skoll World Forum ( ), which is powered by the Skoll Foundation.

Additionally, the one should keep as well an eye on the resources made available by European Commission, namely via the portal of EESC, which stands for European Economic and Social Committee ( ).

National events

An easier way for the local talent to be supported is evidently via the attendance of local events, which could mirror or not international-based initiatives, albeit definitely focused to the local/regional/national context. The international dimension of best practices is a secure value not to be missed, but should the financial resources available be scarce, staying indoors is indeed a cheaper option.

In what concerns the case of Portugal, the must-be event to attend is undoubtedly the Social Economy National Congress. 2017 edition takes place in the first week of September. Official website:

Advanced training

The Portuguese organisation CASES (stands for António Sérgio Cooperative for Social Economy, ) is the flagship whenever it concerns the implementation of advanced training initiatives targeted to the empowerment of social entrepreneurs by means of developing their capacity building. As for the time being, CASES is the main partner responsible for the management and delivery of 2 projects whose action plan comprises specific training activities. Follows below some additional information about this topic:



In order to respond to the needs of the training interventions that are being developed for the Portuguese Social Economy sector CASES has launched back in 2015 an initiative named Pool of Trainers for the Social Economy.

This initiative is part of the legal tasks entrusted to CASES, which includes “promoting and collaborating in the promotion of training in the Social Economy sector, in particular by strengthening the qualification of professionals and the sustainability of organisations in the sector”, as well as to “promote the recognition and institutional capacity of organisations of the Social Economy”.



ES JOVEM (stands for “you are young” but in this case means Social Economy for Youth) is a program aiming at to raise awareness about the social economy sector among young people, as well as divulging the opportunities embedded within this sector for job creation. It intends to promote the creation of new social economy projects and of organisations.

This program comprises several action lines, namely:

  1. Technical Support to the development of Social Economy-related initiatives;
  2. Thematic workshops / Raising awareness campaigns;
  3. Best Practices (study visits to relevant organisations already in operation);
  4. Social Economy Academy (1 week training for young people aged 18-35) and
  5. ESJOVEM Scholarships (technical and financial support to Social Economy initiatives and innovative projects