‘Social Entrepreneur’s toolkit’ is seeking to provide social entrepreneurs with an innovative toolkit, composed of a variety of tools that would be useful during the creation phase of a modern social enterprise, thus being able to reinforce, within different ways, the local entrepreneurial talents. Accordingly, this particular section emphasizes on the detection of both European and local funding appealing to social entrepreneurs, as well as on the provision of free on-line programs that would facilitate the operation of the social enterprise.


  • In this section, the educators will be able to find out about various soft wares which will enable them to communicate with young people who are seeking to run small social businesses with a low budget.
  • This part is being enriched with an info-pack regarding on-going online applications and online environments which young social entrepreneurs could use in order to track the financial performance of their organization.
  • The online environment will contain data on local and global fund opportunities (e.g. Social Entrepreneurship Funds of EU) for social entrepreneurs that derive from various sectors, from governments to private investors.

It is clear that local entrepreneurial talents should be nurtured and developed. In order to do so, the field of social entrepreneurship must reach out to the ‘invisible’ social entrepreneurs whose talent remains untapped. Accordingly, in this section we provide several ideas on how this target could be accomplished.