Angelos Parmatzias

Angelos Parmatzias is the founder and president of CIP. Angelos is working to promote people requirements in Cyprus and Europe through training, research, democratic dialogues and motivational speaking. Through his extensive knowledge in educational projects, he provides training related to entrepreneurship and democratic dialogue. He is passionate about democratic dialogue and entrepreneurship and he is dedicated to their development in Cyprus and abroad.

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Giota Mourettou

Giota Mourettou is coordinating the projects of CIP. She is the Head of the Department of Education, Culture and Research of the organization. Giota has obtained a diploma in Applied Mathematics and Physics by the National Technical University of Athens. She has studied Acting at the prestigious Drama School of Greek Art Theatre-KarolosKoun in Greece, whilst she has acquired a Master in Research in Media and Communications by the London School of Economics (LSE).

She has conducted dozens of scientific EU projects correlated with both school and youth education as a coordinator, researcher and educator.

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Maria Avraamidou

Maria Avraamidou is the project advisor of CIP. Maria is a PhD candidate and Research Associate at the Department of Communication and Internet Studies, Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK). She has worked as a Protection Officer at UNHCR and at local anti-racist civil society organizations. She has also worked as a journalist, producer and presenter with a specialization on inter-communal news stories and socially sensitive issues. As a research associate, Ms. Avraamidou has prepared and submitted project/ research proposals to international and local funders on the development of informational projects which foster greater co-operation and mutuality between ethnic groups both within and out with Cyprus.

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Christodoulos Parmatzias

Mr. Christodoulos Parmatzias holds a BSc in Computer Science from Frederick University (Cyprus) and a BSc in Computer Science and Technology from the Technological Institute of Lamia (Greece). He is currently doing his Master degree in Web and Mobile Systems at the Frederick University. During his studies he involved with competitions and workshops of Microsoft where he collaborated with other programmers and experience the new trends in Microsoft’s technologies. He can work with ease on programming languages like C, C#, Java, PHP, HTML/HTML5, Javascript and MySQL. Now he is focusing on Android, Windows Phone and Arduino platforms, as these are some of the new growing technologies. His enthusiasm to evolve his skills and knowledge in web design and mobile applications is something that it is shown every day in work.

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Marios Philippou

Marios is a trainer and a member of CIP. His has participated in an abundance of youth exchanges and youth training, held not only locally but also abroad. The last 3 years he is an active member of the Cyprus Youth Council pool of trainers, responsible for various local youth actions, projects and events. Moreover by participating in various occasions in congresses and youth summits, he was given the chance to facilitate, moderate and train a significant number of work-groups of young Europeans in various youth related subjects, such as road safety, youth participation, active citizenship, sustainable development, environmental concerns, youth unemployment, volunteering and youth work etc. He speaks 4 languages Greek, English, Spanish and French.

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Antri Apostolou


Andry Apostolou is an active member and trainer of CIP . Andry has implemented numerous workshops, trainings and seminars relevant to European matters, globalization, sustainable development and education. She holds a PhD in education and she is a lecturer at the European University in Cyprus. She is interested in raising awareness about social issues and promoting democratic dialogue especially among the young people.

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Periklis Antoniou


Periklies, one of the youngest members in the CIP team, has 10 years involvement in the sporting sector. His experience in football and futsal ranges from community participation, all the way through to UEFA and FIFA elite standards. With a keen interest in coaching, Periklies has been involved with professional academies, clubs and associations throughout the UK and Europe.

Periklies has a Postgraduate degree in sports coaching sciences and is also a UEFA licenced coach. Periklies also has a passion for entrepreneurship, starting his own company in Cyprus aged 23 before becoming Sports Executive with CIP. Periklies has experience with business development consulting startups in the social and content marketing industry, where he has developed a first-rate understanding of the online industry. Now as Lead in Sports and Innovation, Periklies has been making use of his expertise developing digital and tangible solutions for clients throughout the sporting sector.

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Michalis Kairinos

Michalis Kairinos is a member of CIP. He holds a BSc in Sociology, an MSc in Human Resource Management & Organisational Behaviour and currently completing his Master in Career Guidance and Counselling. In order to broaden his knowledge, he has also obtained an LCCI Higher in Public Relations. Additionally, he demonstrates his motivation for continual personal development with main concerns, such as youth affairs, social issues, human rights, politics and volunteering. He is an active member of Cyprus Youth Council and has participated in the project «Youth Ambassadors for Youth Participation and Structured Dialogue». His thirst for learning had led him to attend various conferences, seminars and training programmes in European countries and has also found himself motivated by TEDx talks. Michalis enjoys reading, travelling, spending quality time with friends and meeting new people.

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Christodoulos Avraamides

Educational Event manager: Assisting in the event preparations held by my organization and preparing our participation in third party events, taking place in Cyprus.

Translator: I am dealing with the translation of texts on the following languages, Italian, English and Greek. I have contributed to the project KA2 GAMELAB for the development of an educational board game on social entrepreneurship


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Panagiotis Koutoudis

He holds a postgraduate degree in Applied Economics and a graduate degree in Economic Science from the Athens University of Economics and Business. He works as a business consultant and economist with a vast experience in the management and in the implementation of both national and European projects. Certified individual by the “Social Economy Consultant Certification“.

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Dimitris Siakavelis

Holds a Degree in Informatics from the Technological Institute of Thessaly in Greece. He is experienced in various programming languages such as SQL, PHP, HTML, JavaScript. He is also experienced in the planning, development, management and maintenance of websites, while he has been working on many EU projects over the past years, materializing actions relating to technical and informatics aspects of the projects. Certified individual by the “Social Economy Consultant Certification“.

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Kostas Grigoriou

He holds an MSc MBA holder on Bank Financial direction of the Open University of Cyprus and graduate of Accounting. He works as an economist – a business consultant participating in financial management, planning, preparation and drafting of national and European programs. He also has experience in consulting on financial matters of businesses and people who make their first professional career steps. Certified individual by the “Social Economy Consultant Certification“.

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Thodoris Alexandrou

He holds an MSc in Services Management from the Economics University of Athens with specialization in Administrative Advisory. He works as an economist – a business consultant and participates in the implementation of national and European programs. He also has experience in counseling the unemployed and small businesses. Certified individual by the “Social Economy Consultant Certification“.

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Katerina Pariza

She holds a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Technological Institute of Thessaly in Greece. She is experienced in various programming languages such as SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. She is an expert in various graphic design programmes such as Photoshop, Corel, InDesign. She is also experienced in the design and development of websites, while she has been working on many EU projects over the past years, materializing actions relating to technical and informatics aspects of the projects.  Certified individual by the “Social Economy Consultant Certification“.

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Michalis Lagos

He holds a degree in Business and Economics from the Technological Institute of Thessaly in Greece. He is dealing with the administration of National and EU projects and he has also actively participated in the implementation of studies and researches. He is also dealing with database management and digital marketing. Certified individual by the “Social Economy Consultant Certification“.

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Eva Batzogianni

She holds a degree in Informatics and Telecommunications from the University of Peloponnese in Greece. She has experience in information processing systems and databases systems. She works as an LMS (Learning Management System) designer in the implementation of national and European programs. She is also experienced in Digital Marketing techniques.  Certified individual by the “Social Economy Consultant Certification“.

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Anastasios Vasiliadis

President and legal representative of iED. He holds a PhD from the Aegean University in Greece and is President of the IED. He has participated as a member of research teams of many European programmes (Adapt, Adapt II, Leonardo da Vinci, EQUAL), while simultaneously acting as a member in the evaluation team in programmes of Cordis and e-Ten. He is an associate professor at the Aegean University and also participates in the teams for the composition of educational materials for Greek universities. He has acquired great experience over the years in the materialization of national and EU projects, with a particular focus on entrepreneurship, disadvantaged groups of society an gender equality and employment. Certified individual by the “Social Economy Consultant Certification”.

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Vasilis Avramoudis

He holds a degree in Department of Business Administration from University of Macedonia. He has 15 years of proffesional experience in the field of Vocational Training through the empowerment as the Educational-Scientific Officer, Tranning officer Coordination Actions, Quality Manager. He has coorinated major trainning projects. Certified individual by the “Social Economy Consultant Certification”.

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Alcino Pascoal has a MSc Degree in Educational Sciences – Education and Development, issued by FCT NOVA. PhD student at FCT NOVA since October 2014, whose topic for dissertation is “Innovation Ecosystems and the central role of Science Parks”. He is Advisor to the Board at Madan Parque, although his core activities comprise as well the roles of Senior Project Manager and Financial Officer. Most relevant topics within the projects Alcino is responsible for are the following: cluster management; business development; innovation ecosystems; social entrepreneurship; NEET Empowerment and School Education (STEM activities). Institutional network is big and fastgrowing, including a large array of institutions heading from various countries. The former include NGOs, Associations and national/European networks affiliated to Social Entrepreneurship.



Catarina holds a MSc degree in Energy and Bioenergy, whose topic for dissertation is “Database of Portuguese mainland windfarms” (issued by FCT NOVA) and a degree in Biology (issued by FCUL-UL). Catarina has previous experience as a junior researcher at DGEG (Directorate General for Energy and Geology) and ISEGI (UNL), dealing with wind energy and GIS (geographic information system). Current position as project manager at Madan Parque heading responsibilities also for: innovation ecosystems, social entrepreneurship, and others, working in partnership with a large array of institutions heading from various countries. The former include NGOs, Associations and national/European networks affiliated to Social Entrepreneurship. Since a very young age Catarina has collaborated with various volunteer actions, and is still participating as a volunteer in NGOs linked mainly to the preservation of the oceans.



Gil Pessanha graduated in 2004 on Marine Biology at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL), with a training in aquaculture at Florida Institute of Technology (USA). In February
2009, he completed his PhD in Applied Ecology (Wastewater Wetlands) at FCUL in collaboration with Vrije Universiteit Brussel. In February 2009 he started a Post-Doc on ecosystem engineering
modeling (in collaborating with Southern Denmark University) and in November 2011 he extended the focus of his Post-Doc topic into Integral Ecology, integrating cultural, socio-economic & policy dimensions. His intention was to find robust strategies that promote local sustainability and climate resilience, and he found CCIAM research group to best support and benefit from this
research topic.

Gil is now mainly participating in an European project to better understand local adaptation (BASE: and coordinate two Portuguese projects, one that aims elaborating Municipal Adaptation Strategies and promote local adaptation (ClimAdaPT.Local:, and another one (CATALISE) on mapping and understanding local integral innovation (social, ecological and economical).

Since 2013 that he lecture on the Climate Change and Sustainable Developmental Policies Doctoral Program of Lisbon University and have recently founded an European platform of Community-led initiatives towards a Sustainable Europe (ECOLISE:



A nature enthusiast at heart, Lia Laporta began her scientific career with a BSc degree in Biology from the University of Lisbon (Portugal) and a MSc degree in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation from Ghent University (Belgium). She is currently a PhD candidate in Environmental Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal), liked to MARETEC Research Center. Her research field is Environmental Economy, having participated in different agri-environmental policy assessments, with both technical and scientific publications focusing on Ecosystem Services and Landscape Planning and Management. She is also passionate about Science Communication and Community Empowerment, which is why she is regional manager and volunteer at Straw Patrol, a citizen initiative for environmental education and awareness addressing marine litter, and
particularly plastic pollution



Lara Ligeiro is 33 years old and is currently responsible for the Office of Support to Entrepreneurship at the NOVA University in Lisbon. In recent years it has been linked to Social
Entrepreneurship Projects financed by CML (Lisbon Municipal Chamber) and European Funds. Trainer since 2009, graduated in Social Service and master in Social Entrepreneurship, currently attends the Executive Master in Management of the Catholic. Trainer and mediator of various events related to social entrepreneurship, mainly linked to young people, such as the Starters Academy of the New University of Lisbon, which encourages a culture of entrepreneurship in college students. This initiative aims to provide students with an integrated learning experience, stimulating the entrepreneurial culture through social and innovative methodologies.



From a very young age Inês Gaya discovered her purpose by dedicating her life to the study of the human psyche and soul. Her passion is to help people in their Awakening! She believes that everything changes and rises when people decide to live the
best version of their selves, but for that people need to dive deep, to know the essence of their souls and to transcend the blocks that prevent people from becoming what they really are.

In her professional career she began to graduate in clinical psychology and dance, which formed a solid base for the development of her inner work and life purpose. She has traveled all over the world, meeting precious Masters with whom she has learned continuously. Throughout her course she has been able to learn several healing techniques, ancestral and contemporary,
such as: Psychotherapy, Somatic Therapy, Menstrual Therapy, Multidimensional Therapy, Sacred Feminine / Doula, Blessing and Healing of the Uterus, Incas Initiations, Transformation Game ©, between others.

In recent years she has deepened her spiritual path in the Amazonian shamanic traditions and specializing in various techniques of Breathing and in psycho-corporal work. Nowadays, she assumes herself as a Psychologist, Therapist, Renaissance and Professor and in recent years, the focus of her work has been on the Cure of the Feminine, with special emphasis on Cure of the Uterus and its cellular memories and in the process of Rebirth of Women. She has a tremendous passion for working with other Women and helping them achieve an increasingly authentic and happy life.

“When we discover our Shining, we discover our Gifts and truly begin to live the Dream that has chosen us!”



Dalila has professional experience on Sustainability (local development, transport, quality of life, heritage, environmental behaviour programmes),  nvironmental and Social Impact Assessment (social viability assessments, develop social impact studies, assistance during public participation, monitoring psycho-social adjustment to projects and activities), Atitudes assessment through surveys (phone surveys and face-to-face interviews), Behaviour change (developing programmes), Transport (service assessment on public perspective – users and non-users, psicho-social model for modal choice, urban planning for promoting the use of collective transport and inhibit the use of individual transport, sustainable transport plans), Risk Perception assessment and risk communication, Public Participation (providing help to engeneers on EIA, develop participated assessment programmes and coordinate Agenda XXI sessions) and Training.

Currently, Dalila is the CEO of Factor Social, since 2004. She is Director of the Board of the INTEC (Institute of Behaviroal Technology), since 2007, and Director of People & Environment, a company in Mozambique (since 2014).

Specialties: assessing stakeholders position towards projects, assessing clients’ satisfaction and bringing it into services’ improvement, developing surveys, developing and managing projects, bringing social concerns into projects (through adjustments on architecture plans, communication programmes, or by developing new specific programmes, services or facilities).



Graça is a trainer at CIT (Technical Instruction Center, Lda), providing pedagogical support as a trainer in the Modeling, Cutting and Dressmaking course integrated into the distance education training plan and is responsible for the tutorial support provided to trainees. CIT is a member of the National Qualification System of the Portuguese Republic, with its adhesion to the certification process of its activity, by the Directorate General for Employment and Labor Relations (DGERT). On the other hand, the CIT issues the vocational training certificates under the Information and Management System of the Training Offer (SIGO) of the Ministry of Education. In addition, the company seeks to be aware of the different international trends in distance learning and is therefore a member of the European Association for Distance Learning (EADL).

Graça is also responsible for the implementation of the clothing modeling laboratory GProject hosted by the
Quarteirão das Artes in Almada, where creative industries are encouraged to incubate and develop new and successful business ideas. Quarteirão das Artes belongs to the Local Development Agency NovAlmadaVelha which is a non-profit private association that brings together the contribution of various entities, public and private, local and sectoral, aiming at the development of projects to promote and
boost the socio-cultural and business fabric of the territory

New paths are visible  ecause it is fundamental to create balconies for the Future!